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Comic Book Shop Services


Comix Wanted is an online comic book shop directory dedicated to helping people find nearby comic book shops. Promoting comic book culture all over the USA is our #1 goal.

Web Site's Purpose is a valuable resource for comic book fans to pursue their passion for comic books by providing the location, contact information, and reviews of comic book shops throughout the USA.

Additionally, is a place for comic book fans to gather and communicate about anything comic book related and have fun. This keeps both the users and businesses informed about the comic book community.

Get Your Comic Book Shop Online!

An online presence is essential for any business and Comix Wanted is here to help by providing comic book shop owners a listing that can be customized and updated instantly 24/7.

Steps To Claim Your FREE Comic Book Shop Listing

Step 1: Register With Comix Wanted

You'll have to create a account to be granted access to claim a comic book shop listing. Get started now and register here: Register With Comix Wanted

Step 2: Claim Your Comic Book Shop Listing

Once you've created your account, find your comic book shop listing through the Find Shops page and click on the "Claim this listing" link.

You'll be asked to fill out a "Contact Information" form in the case that there are any problems with your account or listing and once completed the listing will be instantly claimed.

Step 3: Update and Manage Your Comic Book Shop Listing

Now it's time to update your comic book shop's contact information, description, business hours, pictures, events, and monitor reviews.

Premium Comic Book Listing

Additionally, you can become a Premium Comix Wanted Member. By becoming a Premium Comix Wanted Member, you'll be granted access to the following features:

  • Custom Pages: Having custom pages on your listing allows you to provide an unlimited amount of information and the potential to use your listing as a website.
  • Additional Fields: Having additional fields on your listing expands the "Details" tab on your listing to include links to your social media pages and fields such as: Languages Spoken, Products Offered, or Brands Carried.
  • Respond to Reviews: The ability to respond to reviews gives you the ability to thank a customer when a positive review is given or resolve a dispute if a negative review is given. If you can resolve a user's dispute, the review will not be counted on the listings score.

You can sign up as a Premium Comix Wanted Member and find out more here: Premium Comix Wanted Membership

Now That You've Claimed Your Listing

Once you've claimed your comic book shop listing, it's important to notify your customers that visit your store to review your comic book shop listing on

Get your customers involved and get customer feedback that'll allow you to stay informed on how your comic book shop is doing.