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Comix Wanted Privacy Policy

This policy outlines how handles information gathered on the website. By reading the privacy policy, users should understand how seriously handles information that has been gathered by users. The privacy policy may be modified with revisions at any time without informing the users.

At users will be asked to register as a member in order to submit user reviews, forum topics, and forum posts. It is mandatory to fill out the required fields in the registration form. All other information is optional.

The information we collect from users allows other users to view who has posted a user review, forum topic, and forum post by displaying a user's username. Usernames are the only information that is displayed on All other information is kept private and will NEVER be sold or given to third-parties.

In the event that needs to inform users of emergencies, promotions, updates, website shutdowns, or renovations users may be contacted.

Users must keep their information private from other users to maintain security. Users should create passwords that are difficult to guess. Users who share their information are responsible for any actions done on your behalf. Notify at immediately if your secure information has been breached.

Although security measures have been taken to keep users information private, does not promise, nor should users expect, that all information will always remain private.

Any information submitted in user reviews, forum topics, and forums posts is visible to the public. Do not post private information in user reviews, forum topics, and forum post.